Sunday, February 22, 2009


I totally fooled you into thinking I had left the face of the earth, no? Funny joke, right? No, it was just Thanksgiving, and then Christmas (did you notice how there was only the tiniest little break between the two this year? exhausting), and then I went back to school, and then OB/GYN and oh, I've been sick a quadzillion times. In fact, I am sick right now. It's awesome.

So! I owe some Grahambo photos. He's doing tremendously well - talking like crazy, loving and snuggling and going at his own sweet pace on some other things, like, oh, walking. You take your time, buddy. I could use some sciatica to go with my stomach flu. I kid!

Jammin out on his new drumset from Grandma Lorraine
(although, let's be truthful - Joe totally played it more than Graham did)

A little shoulder ride from Daddo

In his Christmas pj's

And being totally underwhelmed at his first birthday party -
he was shocked by the coldness of the ice cream, and was so tired by the time
we got to cake he basically put his head down on his high chair and went to sleep

So, I'd like to make some promises about more frequent posts, but I am headed into 3 weeks on the pediatric intensive care unit, so those promises would probably all be lies. But then I am on (essentially) vacation for two weeks, so, fingers crossed! Much love to you all.


CC said...

Sarah! he is just beautiful..I am sorry I missed you guys when you came to the Cape..but I did catch up with your mom at my shower.
Sounds like you are VERY busy!!!
Good luck with everything and take care of yourself!!!!

Amy & Jay said...

so, so , so, so glad you're back! I love seeing pictures of little Graham!