Thursday, September 25, 2008

i've turned my child into a food snob, and other asides

So I've been just...out of sorts and out of the loop and on the outs, or something out lately. Which meant no blog posts, apparently. Joe comes home every day and gently nudges me that I should probably post some pictures at least, for the Grahamfans. I know! I have been terribly lax and irresponsible. Hence, now, pictures! Some of which I even took! Sigh. It's been a long week(s).

Look, Graham is a big boy now! In his big boy carseat! I admit I cried a little. My mom and I have both said, weepingly, "it's like when Anne shortened Jem's nightgowns! Bwaaaaaaaaa!"

Look! I totally didn't take this picture! But my friend K. did, and it is wicked cute and foretells a future for Graham as a drum-circle hippie.

Lastly (and to bring it back to the title of this post), Graham has been sick the past couple days. And of course, I have no laundry done, no food ready, no nothing and he wants to be held 24-7. So I broke down and picked up some Gerber food. And oh my word, you could not imagine the look of disgust on his face. He is an organic, homemade baby food ess-en-oh-bee-SNOB. Which, kind of makes me sad, because I have a serious, not-so-secret love for generic food. I was really hoping someday I could bring him to work and say something to the effect of "Welcome, my son. This? This is CAFETERIA FOOD. Behold, and be thankful." Now he'll just turn up his privileged, adorable little nose at me. They grow up so fast, don't they?

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