Friday, September 12, 2008

the time, it has flewed

So, I finally (finally!) got out the camera today to take some pictures of Graham to post on this here dang site. (I think I may have actually said: "Cuss word! Graham! I have to take some cussword-ing pictures of you before your nap!") And then I got out the camera. Which is a major step in and of itself.

I meant only to show you how amazing he is at sitting now (he's been doing it independently and well for about a month and a half now, but I don't think I've ever posted good pictures of it). So here's that:
Yep, Diego is "Surfing to the Rescue" on his ball, which Joe and I always get a kick out of. Who is he going to rescue? And is surfing really the fastest way of getting there? For the rescue? "¡Cuidado, dolphin! ¡Soy yo, Diego! ¡Yo estoy surfing to your rescue!"

I also introduced the "putting stuff in a bowl (mama) and then dumping it out (graham)" game last night. It was a big hit.

But, the important thing! The thing that made me actually take the NEXT step, and find the camera cord, and download the pictures off the camera, and then my goodness, POST them, which, let me tell you, I am EXHAUSTED, was THIS:

What the??? I had pulled a cart into his playroom to introduce my next big hit game (pulling stuff off shelves) and when I went to sit him in front of it to take pictures, he reached out, grabbed the tall shelf, and STOOD THERE. For like, MINUTES, pulling the shelf out, pushing it back in. And then he finally convinced me that he wasn't going to fall and split open his head on the lower shelf, so I took my hovering hands away long enough to take a few pictures for posterity. Then he did it at the coffee table. And the couch. And then he got fancy and did it one-handed and reached back for me at the same time. I mean, he's not pulling up yet, since he isn't crawling and thus is nowhere near the height to pull up, but oh boy we are not ready for this.

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