Friday, October 23, 2009

Jakey, milk? Mommy, milk, Jakey? ALL DUN!

Graham has actually been doing really well with this new concept of a baby. Of course, I think it helps that the baby is not actually here. But he definitely has latched on to the routines that have sprung up this week - when he sees me pumping (and he stands waaay far back, because it clearly is some freaky stuff, there), it's "Mommy, milk, Jakey, breakfast." When Joe leaves for the hospital after bathtime, it's "Daddy, Jakey, home, soon." And while the tantrum-o-meter has been ratcheted up a notch, I am inclined to think that it is more being almost TWO ("one, two, FIVE") than it is due to his sense that things are not quite as they used to be or should be. Minus the world-ending trauma that is taking off his shoes at night, he is adjusting remarkably.

Jake update for today:
He is back up to about 4 lbs 10 oz (which is what Graham weighed at birth), which is not up by leaps and bounds, but we will take it. He's still pooping meconium (that black tarry newborn poop), and the fact that he is still doing that at a week old is a pretty good indication that his gut is not, how should we say, speedy. (Which is in turn likely the reason that he has been having some residuals [left-over milk in his stomach] at each feed. Or it could be that the fact that he hasn't fully passed the meconium that is making his digestive process slow. Chicken, egg.) Other than that, he really has no issues. Breathing well. No infections. Bilirubin levels coming down and hopefully off the lights again tomorrow.

Adults in the house update for today:
I think Joe and I have really hit our wall. We've been running on fumes and self-delusion for a few days now, and the realization that tomorrow is the WEEKEND, when there is no daycare, and absolutely no plan for who goes to the hospital when, or how the laundry gets done (I know, not the priority, except I have no more underwear, so, well, yes), or how to entertain Graham when good lord, all we both want to do is sleep, has been a hard one. Sleep, take a magical instantaneous transport to the hospital in our pj's, snuggle Jake for a bit, transportify back, sleep some more, get snuggled by Graham at his snuggliest, sleep. Maybe have a snack. That is all.

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