Friday, December 4, 2009

Hi, my name is TWO and I am EXHAUSTING

I should be writing more about Jake. I feel like we are falling square into the second child cliche, what with the extreme lack of pictures and video and whatnot. I hope that the cliche doesn't extend to our attention to him, and I don't think it does. But we have to be careful, because Graham is demanding a whole lot of attention these days, and it is hard (in both good and bad ways) not to give it to him.

This is clearly 1) because he has realized that Jakey is here to stay and that Jakey takes mommy time/attention directly away from Graham and 2) because he is almost TWO, and now has free will and the smarts to whip us into parental submission. Some things that have happened in the past few weeks:

1) That wicked smile of "I am doing exactly what I know you don't want me to do" appeared for the first time
2) I got whacked with a matchbox schoolbus in the head
3) He has started saying "Give Jakey to Daddy" whenever I am breastfeeding
4) And he told Joe to "go to Boston"

the last of which was extremely funny in that heartbreaking way. We always talked about the grandparents being in Boston, which I guess he now understands is not here, and so that's the best he could do when he wanted me all to himself. Send Daddy to Boston.

I don't ever want to portray Graham as a bad or tough kid. 95% of the time, he is still the sweetest, most generous little guy that any of us (and I am counting his daycare providers - they don't even pretend anymore that they don't love him best) have ever met. I know
this is all normal and appropriate and even good. And it's good for us as parents to think about discipline and what our firm rules are and how to be consistent with what we won't back down on. But zzzzzzOMG, it is tiring. I recently had this one morning when I felt like every word out of my mouth for an hour was "NO." And that's not fun for any of us.

But! Look! Jakey (and my mom)! (And he is now EIGHT pounds. Eight pounds! The big boy turns zero tomorrow.)
And here's my most favorite recent photo:

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