Friday, April 25, 2008

All the updates

So, this has been an eventful week. Not the least of which, Graham only had to have one night feeding last night, and really really slept the rest of the time. He went down at about 9:30 pm, woke up to eat at 3 am (with a little cajoling at 1:30 am), ate and burped and snuggled til 4, and then back to sleep until 7 am. Hot damn! This is so very very very very exciting for his parents. He also has figured out how to nap for about an hour to an hour and a half at a time by himself in the co-sleeper, which makes my day (and the work, plus housework I have to do) a lot more pleasant. Huzzah! Graham goes back to the pediatrician for his four-month well child visit in two weeks, and I can't wait to brag. He's also found his hands for sucking and slurping on at all hours of the day - I am really hoping he turns into a thumb sucker, because that is just solid gold for self-soothing. Plus, if I can avoid being the mommy who has to pick up the dropped pacifier ten thousand million grillion times, that would be swell.

The house is slowly but surely getting back into shape after the whirlwind that was my mom swept through - we got a lot done, but there is a lot more organizing and cleaning out to do than I had previously anticipated. But we re-painted the porch floor and my mom cleaned all the windows and screens and blinds and now it looks lovely:
We also finally finished painting the stairs and the baseboards leading up the stairs: When we had the floors refinished when we moved in, we just had them do the treads on the stairs, since refinishing the risers would have had to be done by hand (and thus, $$). So the risers always looked terrible and the baseboards had stain all over them, so it looked like someone had smeared poop up the stairs. But considering what we started with:
I think things are definitely improved. And for giggles, here's what the corner of Graham's room (the one with his crib in it now) looked like when we moved in:
Yellow shag! Seriously! So, yes, proof positive that we have done some serious work in the past two years.

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Emily said...

Sarah, your place looks FABULOUS! Emily