Friday, April 4, 2008

This makes it all worthwhile

Here's my week so far:

Sunday: No sleep. Graham has an upset stomach and manually needs me to bicycle his legs so he can fart. (Who am I kidding, it was actually kind of fun.)

Monday and Tuesday: Sarah is sick. Graham is cranky about that. I am in charge. I am cranky about that. No sleep.

Wednesday: Lack of sleep is making it hard for me to stay awake at work. Sarah busts me for smoking. Graham avoids all eye contact with me. No sleep.

Thursday: After another day of avoiding eye contact with me, Graham shows me how much he loves his mom by smiling at her like she is a candy mountain made of lottery tickets. Ugh. During the night I pick him up when he's crying and he throws up down my shirt.

Friday: Graham is finally big enough for the skull and crossbones onesie that I've had for three months now. After I put it on, he looks at me and we get this:

After crunching the numbers I think it was a pretty good week.

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