Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Every time we think he is SO big...

...we're reminded how small he still is. Hooray for tiny babies!

Things continue apace here. Graham got changed to a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) for his reflux - so now he's on dissolvable Prevacid. It will be probably take a least a few days before this kicks in, though, so we're only making small strides. Hopefully his nights get better and better, because Joe and I are exhausted.

The hard and also exciting part is that it's clear that his baseline personality is so sweet and happy - if we could just fix the pain he has, life would be fantastic for all of us. When he's in that sweet spot between not right after mealtime (and burping, and having lots of heartburn) but not starving either, he is the smiliest little guy. He has even started doing little squeals of laughter - directed at me, the couch, the air currents, whatever. It makes all the hard nights worthwhile...but still, a little more sleep would be nice.

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