Monday, August 25, 2008

the mad dash

I guess not so much a mad dash as it is a slow(ish) scoot.

Graham is getting more and more mobile every day. And now every few minutes he'll pop his knees up underneath him and very wobbly-style, push his head and chest up. Of course, that lasts about a second and a half, and PLOOF! The belly flops back on the floor and the legs shoot out behind him. He's VERY proud of himself.

He's also been super flirty upon waking up from his naps. I'll come in to his room, and he'll smile wide, shove his head down, and do, essentially, a downward facing dog that obviously he can't sustain, so it turns into a roll into his crib bumper. And then this sly smile of "I am soooooo cute, Mama!" erupts. It's ridonkulously adorable.

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