Wednesday, August 13, 2008

oh my goodness oh my goodness

Friends! I am SORRY! It has been forEVER, no? Honestly, there's no good reason why I haven't updated recently. Graham is good, life is fine, Joe and I are just trying to grow up. And man, that's exhausting, isn't it? Our nights have been taken up with, you know, remembering to take the trash out (and even the recycling!), or playing around with a budget, or laundry. Never-ending laundry. And dishes! Did I mention dishes? We're doing them! It's new! I know!

Anyway, Graham is lovely. He's launched himself over some sort of developmental milestone in which the whining (thanks be) has stopped, and he's just so happy, aware, and communicative all the time. And yesterday, I had my first "oh boy, I can't just put you down and walk away anymore, can I?" moment. I put him down on his playmat, turned to do a few dishes, and when I turned back, he was OFF THE RESERVATION, i.e. in the living room. Ha ha! Perhaps it is time for what they call the babyproofing. Is that in the budget?

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