Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day One (a month in photos)

Over at my other blog, I made a commitment to myself and the internet that I am posting every day for a month as part of NaBloPoMo (say it out loud! it sounds funny on your funny when it hits your tongue). Joe, immediately supportive and encouraging, looked at me askance and said "But what about Graham and Cheese??" Fah! So, I decided that I would, at a MINIMUM, post a Grahamcakes photo a day for the next month. Thus, installment #1.

This actually isn't from today, it's from Thursday. And I didn't cut it down at all. And I despise hearing my voice. But he's super cute and has discovered the Slinky I forgot we owned, so I think that all makes up for it. He also discovered his tongue recently, and it is always stuck out (as far as it can be, anyway, since his frenulum is a little short) so it makes him look a little...preoccupied.

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