Monday, July 14, 2008

graham HATES being six months old

This guy, albeit very sweet looking, is ANGRY. He is angry that he can't crawl, in specific. He whumps his head on the floor and throws his knees up underneath him. Then the knees go out, he lifts his head up, and he has gone NOWHERE. Not one stinkin' CENTIMETER closer to the Very Important Toy that bad mama has put a few feet away. Commence whining and complaining. Rinse, repeat. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Which is not to say that he is happy if he actually does get to the toy. Then he is just so exhausted from all the effort that it is easier to just keep complaining. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

He has remembered how to roll the other way, which is good. But now he only rolls in one direction, so a few times today he started at one end of his play mat and just rolled over and over in a straight line, ending up at my legs looking up at me. And I laughed and laughed and he gave me a look like this kid (wait for the indignation to start at about 0:40):

Which, you know, I am glad he is progressing and obviously going through a little developmental spurt. But I am tired. And so much of his brain is taken up by working so hard at things that are so hard that he doesn't even know how to practice because he's never even SEEN anybody crawl before, that he hasn't really talked to us and told us his little stories since we got home. And that makes me sad and of course, worried, even though I know this is just a phase and he will go back to being our own sweetest, happiest, calmest little boy soon enough. But, cripes, could soon enough come a little sooner?

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