Friday, July 25, 2008

things i want

1) To make the leap into cloth diapering (it would be a lot easier if I won that contest! but no! you should enter too! except, don't hurt my chances of winning!). Shhhh. Don't tell Joe.
2) To finish our backyard. Okay, to start our backyard.
3) New flooring and cabinets for the kitchen. I have given up on the dream of a dishwasher. This dream, it has defeated me. I just want to replace the nasty nasty linoleum. With new linoleum. I dream small these days.

4) This, and this, and this, and this last one for the day when G really really has to finish the book he is reading right nooooooowwwww out on the lawn, or what have you. He is my son, after all. (God this makes me long for the days when what I really coveted was stuff like this or this. Hold the phone, I STILL covet those things. Dang it all.)
5) Lots more money for books, specifically to outfit Graham with the greatest library of children's literature KNOWN TO MAN.

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, ad infinitum/nauseum/and forever to the stars and back)
This guy? To go back to sleeping through the night.


Liz said...

Spence! Buy a portable dishwasher. I did and it saved my life. Seriously. I would have died if I had had to hand wash another freakin sippy cup.
THEN: rip up the icky linoleum and sand your sub-flooring. Paint it if you're really ambitious.
Because you have sooo much spare time.

Liz said...

Oh, and regarding the library, may I suggest a library card? Just thinkin'.

He is one gawdawful cute little guy.