Monday, July 28, 2008

psych! (or is it: syke!)

Joe decided that he liked grahamcentralstation best, and formerly not-very-well-known funk band be darned. So, tonight at about, oh, when is Jon and Kate on? 9 pm? EST? I will be changing the URL over. Be warned that tomorrow, the link you've previously used won't work! Be ready! I don't want to lose you guys! No child left behind! We don't want to lose any good men! Come on board, the train is about to leave grahamcentralstation! (Gak.)


Anonymous said...

Isn't that URL already in use? By the Doug and Jodi Graham family?

Ali said...

Okay, how cute is that child? HOW CUTE?!

And thanks for your kind words on Moxie's blog. Made my day!