Thursday, July 24, 2008

various and sundry

Graham continues at his constant, low-level whininess, although he has added a new trick to his bag. He has developed a whine that is a little bit guttural, and often accompanies a "I'm not happy" grimace so that all. day. long I spent my time saying "Are you pooping? Are you pooping?" And then - NO POOP. Whammy, mama! Gotcha!


Oh! So, today I had my chance to personally stick it to Target and I messed it up. I have been searching high and low for silicone ice cube trays (for freezing Graham's food without fear of bad plastic) (also, seriously, why are these impossible to find? back when I was a swinging bachelorette with Maura we had, like, FOUR of them. our cocktails had star-shaped and heart-shaped cubes! it was awesome! where did they go?) and finally just bought mini-muffin trays. The trays didn't have a bar code or wrapping or anything on them, so when I got to the check-out, I just told the girl that they were marked $9.99. She just rang it in and then said "Okay, your total is $3.01." And BEFORE I COULD SHUT MY MOUTH, I said "No no! Nine ninety-nine." And then Joe spirited himself psychically from work and smacked me one. She did thank me for being honest. See? I am such a Good Girl!


G seems to be in a bit of a sleep regression. Which, I've heard of the 4 month sleep regression, and the nine month, but not the six and a half month. He's so innovative, our boy. He just won't go to sleep as deeply as he was previously, and is waking up 3-5 times during the night. And he will go back to sleep til 6 if I feed him (finally), but it's not a growth spurt because he's not acting any hungrier during the day. And he doesn't have any teeth popping through yet, although I guess it's possible that they are very close and he is just uncomfortable. Today I wondered to myself if maybe this is a delayed 4 month sleep regression (as he is just now 4 and a half months corrected). But in general, all his other growth spurts and whatnot have happened on schedule with his actual age, not corrected. Sigh. It also occurred to me that if I was trying to learn how to sit, stand and crawl for the first time ever and do it all at the same time, I might well too be tired/cranky.

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