Saturday, March 22, 2008

Graham has a home!

I honestly have been dreaming about finishing Graham's room for weeks now. It's been the thing that has been keeping me going, besides Graham, of course. It just felt so unfinished and temporary and uncomfortable to not have a special place in the house just for the G-man. And had we had the anticipated 2 months, we would have had it done, but hey, things didn't go as anticipated. But my parents are here this weekend, and they came up yesterday and helped me finish everything in addition to trading off Graham duties. So it's (almost completely) done! Hooray! Photo evidence below.

I can just see him now, zooming his matchbox cars around the rug and traveling speedily from the airport to the hospital to the....castle? Also, there are two beaches, two hospitals, two airports and two castles in this town of his. I imagine that each king of the castle has commandeered an airport for his own personal use.

1 comment:

Uncle Ben said...

Graham's gonna be like the last one in his class to be able to count to 10.

But at least he'll have the coolest room.