Thursday, March 27, 2008

This parenting stuff is HARD

I just came from Graham's room, with tears running down into my shirt, because he is so so so angry and overtired. He was doing the kind of screaming that shakes his whole body, which is really rare for him. What torture am I putting my best loved baby boy through? Ah yes - we are trying to get him to sleep in his crib or co-sleeper again, and not on us. Torture, I say!

It's all our own fault, really. We were so traumatized by his recent surgery, and he felt so fragile to us, we just held him and let him sleep on us 24-7 for two weeks. And I also held him all the time most days when we were home together even before his surgery. It was hard not to - he's just so darn snuggly. But now we are paying the price. He really doesn't want to sleep anywhere but wrapped up on our chests. That makes for not great sleeping for us, even though he's conked out. And just so there are no secret complaints against us - this is not the Ferberizing, leave them to cry it out until they exhaust themselves school of trying to get him to sleep. I have been up and down the stairs comforting him 8 (count 'em, 8) times thus far for this nap alone. I promise I am not leaving my (corrected age) 3.5 week old to fend for himself. He just has to be comfortable in his beds. But, man, do I want to crack and have a good solid nap on the couch in front of "ER" right now.

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