Monday, March 3, 2008

Pediatrician's visit update

SO much is new in the world of Graham:

1) He is now 10 pounds, 2 ounces. 10 pounds! Glad I didn't have to push out baby-as-he-is-now, in some ways.
2) We have gotten permission to take him off the extra calorie supplement, which is fantastic, because it definitely makes him more gassy. We'll do a weight check in a month to make sure he's still growing as well as he is now (which, like I said, 10 POUNDS. Yikes! As his pediatrician said: "He has no right to even be ON the normal growth curve. But there he is!"). That also means that I can finally move to just breastfeeding. I'm still going to pump, since our insurance did buy me the fancy one, and maybe have Joe take one of the nighttime feedings, but I have always been really committed to doing straight breastfeeding, and now I can.
3) And in other news about how our son is enormous, he no longer really fits in his 0-3 month clothes, much less his newborn stuff. So our 2 month premature baby who is now officially a newborn is wearing the clothes of an average 3 month-old.
4) Graham also got his first band-aids today, because he had to have 5 injections (regular 2 month-er injections, minus his second Hep B which we'll do when he go back for the weight check, plus his Synagis for RSV, and the rotavirus drink on top of all that). They were Snoopy. The band-aids, that is. Graham wasn't impressed.
5) He also has a touch of the reflux, as I diagnosed earlier, so he's going on baby Zantac. Again, like father, like son! I feel like there will definitely be an evening sometime soon when both my boys are moaning and groaning, and I have to check with both of them to see if they took their acid reducer.
6) He even smiled at his doctor! We've been debating whether his smiles are real smiles or not (since he technically shouldn't be smiling for another month or so), but his doctor definitely thought it was a real, social smile! He's so advanced. I think I will send his med school applications in next week.

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Candice said...

Emma got immunizations today too. She and Graham are shot buddies. She was very brave even though she got regular band-aids, no snoopy. And Emma weighed about 10 lbs. at 2 months! Graham is a champ!! Must be 'cause he's in a gang.