Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More updating

So Graham continues to be fine, although a little inconsolable. We are at that point where it feels like there must be some secret parenting thing that every kid needs that we are absolutely ignorant of. Tonight, however, we just let him eat as much as he wanted. That seemed to satisfy him and let him sleep (the first time he's slept, really, since 4 o'clock this morning), so we are going to try to follow his cues and see if he will even out some over the next few days. Joe and I are both okay, but absolutely exhausted. Anyway, thanks so much to everybody for all the good thoughts - we'll probably be in touch with all our Rochester people after this weekend so we can start doing visits again!

1 comment:

Alena said...

Aww, you guys hang in there! As for the secret parenting thing, the one thing that always worked for Jason was the boob. It was pretty amazing how it could fix everything.

I hope the little guy feels better soon. It's gotta be hard on him, but at least the worst of it is over.