Wednesday, May 7, 2008

As predicted, best baby ever

So, Graham is amazing. As if we didn't know that, but as I said in the previous post, it's always nice to have your parental pride confirmed by outside sources. Our big boy is now 24.5 inches long, and 14 pounds, 3 ounces. That puts him at the 34th and 33rd percentiles for height and weight, respectively, for NORMAL 4 month old boys. What a grower! To put it in perspective, if any 4 month old came in at that height and weight, he would be on the smaller side, but not concerningly small. He would be in the NORMAL range. Normal!

The pediatrician was also way impressed with his head-lifting skillz, his weight-bearing thunder thighs, and all of his smiles and talk talk talk. She said he definitely meets the strict developmental criteria for a 4 month-old. Again, a NORMAL 4 month old!

The only sad part of the visit (for Graham, at least) was the 4 immunizations plus a heel stick to check his hematocrit. He was not happy. And in fact, right now he is in his swing, sleeping, which I never let him do, because his Tylenol wore off and he was screaming a blue streak. Poor guy.

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