Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sorry friends

I know, it's been a long long while since we posted. Honestly, it's been a combination of not much going on, plus routine but multiple days in a row of crankiness and sleeplessness. Graham is sticking to his feeding once a night schedule, which is great, but that is really highlighting how sleep-deprived we actually were. So now Joe and I are back in this pattern of counting the minutes of sleep we get and snipping at each other when either of us feels that the scales are even slightly out of balance. And that general feeling does not lend itself so well to creative blogging. Plus, last night there was poop in our basement. Again. Sigh. Being a grownup is HARD sometimes.

But, as always, our beautiful little boy is beautiful, and his smiles make our lives meaningful and special every every day. I mean, look at this guy:
He does make us feel like we have no right to ever be cranky, ever again.


Kathleen said...

Grandma Big K needs another video.


Anonymous said...

sa, i don't think you're supposed to sit on him. xo, m

Anonymous said...

m, you're alive!!!!! and, it was joe who was sitting on him. call me! are you so tanned and islandy?