Sunday, May 18, 2008

My name is Graham, and I hate to sleep.

Graham is currently on a sleep strike, and it is breaking our hearts and wills. We have been so so lucky up to this point - he has always been so calm and collected, with hardly any crying. And when we put him down to sleep, either he is already zonked out or within a few minutes he has talked himself to sleep. Not so much for the past few days. He is really refusing to nap in the morning (at best, it's 45 minutes) and then it's a major struggle to get him to nap in the afternoon so that by the time he falls asleep, he is sleeping for 3+ hours and it starts getting towards evening. Then it gets later and later until when he will fall asleep for the night. The past few nights, it has just been that he was awake until late. Tonight, he was yawning and yawning and even fell asleep the last time I fed him, but the minute his head hit the mattress, he screamed. With real, big tears and gulping air and honest-to-goodness screaming, which he has never done before. It took about an hour of being up and down, trying to get him to soothe himself but not abandoning him, before he settled to sleep. It was so hard to see him so miserable. So, I don't know if he's still in his little growth spurt and his bones are aching, I don't know if he's transitioning to giving up his morning nap and just having a big long one in the afternoon and is just thrown off by that, I don't know if he's just getting a first little separation anxiety, I don't know if maybe he's even starting to teethe a little bit (he's recently started drooling and bubbling as well). But I do know that no one in our household was happy from 7:30-8:30 pm this evening.

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