Thursday, May 15, 2008

I suppose I shouldn't complain

So this morning I was playing with Graham and I finally cracked. He is a lot less interested in lying on his back anymore - he is much happier when we are holding him to stand or sit on our knees when he can look around at the whole world and practice his grabbing skills. So I called Joe and got financial dispensation to go out and buy the bebepod. Hooray! Except we went out to buy it and this is what happened:So now his little chair is just waiting for him to wake up:He's been asleep in his carseat for three hours. Look at your cool chair, dude! Don't you want to sit in it?? And besides, we were supposed to meet up with Kelly to go to the Lilac Festival! I had me an appointment with some fried dough and a slushie! Instead, I did work. Ugh.

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