Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In other news

Lots of little tidbits here and there....

1) So
this is where we went on an abbreviated hike for our anniversary. It's this crazy area of erosion on the shore of Lake Ontario that has produced cliffs and bluffs and strange earth formations. The hike was abbreviated because recent storms had knocked down trees across the path, and everywhere there are signs saying "DO NOT LEAVE THE PATH - THIS IS SERIOUSLY AN UNSTABLE BLUFF AND YOU WILL FALL TO YOUR DEATH." So we didn't want to cut around the fallen trees. And, you know, die or something. I took this picture of one of the bluffs from the beach, and the picture doesn't do it justice. It was also about to thunderstorm, and the whole feel was just completely apocalyptic.
2) Graham is finally happier on his belly now. Not thrilled every second, but not crying instantly either. I pulled the tough mommy act last night and we decided that he has slept on his tummy before, and he could do it again. So we let him cry it out...for a total of six minutes before he fell sound asleep. Hooray! And this morning he very happily played with his
Buzz Bug toy in front of him on his tummy for about ten minutes while I washed dishes. Double hooray! So I guess we can wait on him remembering how to roll the other way. As Candice pointed out, be careful what you wish for, because 360 degree rolling means a whole new level of baby mobility (and probably requires babyproofing to a certain degree).

3) Which, dag, babies are
expensive, huh? Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? I just went and did a little shopping yesterday for our upcoming trip home to MA next week and also just because he needed a few things because he is getting oh so much bigger and older. I think I got the following: breast pads to make sure I had enough for the trip, baby wipes, sunscreen, an SPF shirt and swim diaper cover (that were both on sale), more rice cereal (because the kid is an eating machine now), new bibs (a messy eating machine), more of the spoons he likes (a messy eating machine who is starting to have opinions), a few teething rings, and maybe a few other odds and ends. And it was $100! One hundred dollars! Are you kidding me? Kids these days! Spoiled rotten!

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