Tuesday, June 10, 2008

To do: blog

Every single day, it's on my list! Because he's just growing and changing so quickly, I feel like every day there is some new accomplishment to share. Yesterday he ate his whole serving of rice cereal (and wanted more!). He fell in love with his super-soft stuffed puppy. He got to finally meet his wonderful friends Jess and Jennie, and fell in love with them too. He hung out with his buddy Ava and got cranky with this little heat wave we're having. And for a few moments, he stood up in his exersaucer all by himself! Of course, then he thunked back down (that's why the back is padded with a blanket...) but I was so proud of our little man. All the cliches are true. They do grow up so fast, you won't believe how quickly it goes, and you can't imagine how much love you have in your heart.

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