Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Not so much Mommy and me, as Mommy and Mommy

Warning: this post has very little to do with Graham.

I'm sure every mom-blog on the planet has posted on this topic, but right now I am a snake-charmin', bible-thumpin', revival-tent-puttin-uppin' convert on the concept of me time. Time (and frankly, a little bit of money) to put in to actually feeling relaxed, and perhaps even attractive, again. I am not the best when it comes to this, even before I had Graham. I think the last time I really put a good deal of effort into my everyday appearance Maybe? I mean, a lot of effort went into looking good for my wedding, but that was an over-the-top, one day only kind of effort. So I am finally getting ready to start running again, and my (actual) friend Kelly told me about ExerciseTV OnDemand, and my (only in my head) friend Kelly Kapoor told me about this:
It's a heated eyelash curler, which I love for all of its ridiculousness and self-involvement. And my real real true friend, Maura, put it in an envelope and sent it to me. And I am going to curl the crap out of my eyelashes.


Emily said...

I love this! I have stubby eyelashes, maybe this would work on them.

Anonymous said...

i've now tried it, and LOVE it. i can't recommend it highly enough!