Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh! One other funny story (about me and my foibles, not Graham)

So we were in Target today, and there is a woman checking out in front of me. She's buying a comforter and some sheet sets. She is paying when I notice that there is another sheet set in the bottom of her cart that she has not paid for. Scandoolious! She even catches my eye while I have the whole moral quandary play out in my head. Do I narc her out? Can't Target spare a sheet set? But seriously, that's stealing! squeals my inner Camp Fire Girl. I decide that if it was a mistake, she'll figure it out when she gets to the car and come back in and pay for it. And if it wasn't a mistake, so be it. But I am definitely shaking my head inside at the moral depravity of today's soccer moms.

So it was a little shameful when I got to the car and found the $1.99 pack of diaper pail deodorizers from Babies 'R Us still in the stroller bag. Which I hadn't paid for. And did I go back to pay for them? I did not.


Liz said...

same exact thing happened to us last week at tarjhay. little carton of goldfish. for finn. my rationale for not going back in was that NO ONE WHO WORKS THERE WOULD UNDERSTAND WHAT THE HELL I WAS DOING. on the other hand, we were at a small, independent bookstore and, while i was paying for the things that we MEANT to buy, finn was EATING a book. (where the hell were the goldfish when i needed them?) anyhoo, confessed to store owner and paid for TEN DOLLAR book. then found a parking ticket on my car.

So: crime pays and honesty you have to pay for.

ohmigod, Graham, you are one cute little baby.

Anonymous said...

hee hee. poor finn, causing so much trouble. but, lo, the fiber in a book! no need for figs or prunes this week for the finnster!

by the way, i had to go out and buy a primo tub because i bought a crappier, cheaper one that is clearly crappy and ultimately, should always always always Listen To Liz.