Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No rest for the really, really, seriously, weary

Graham is really sticking to his guns on this flipping-over-every-chance-I-get-
but-then-being-extremely-angry-about-it thing. I keep trying to let him figure it out, but then he starts screaming and dropping his head on the floor and I pick him up and soothe him back to semi-normal.
Joe and I are just hoping that this is going to suss itself out soon, because it has been a long time since he slept through the night. First, it was an enormous growth spurt. Then it was an enormous heat wave. Now it's the flipping. The flipping flipping. Sigh.

The one positive thing in the world of sleeping is that our new windows are getting installed tomorrow. Huzzah! The enormous heat wave was an extra issue because we have about 1000000000x the limit of lead in the paint on our windows, including the window in his room. So we couldn't put a fan or an air conditioner in there, lest we want to blow in lead dust and out IQ points, so to speak. Hence, the need for new windows. (Plus the windows are all old and crappy, and our heating bill will
thank us come winter.) So he's been sleeping back in our room for a few weeks, which is good for exactly no one. So hopefully, tomorrow night he will be back in his room with his new little personal A/C and lovely temperature control. And Joe and I will happily be back to sweltering in our room. We're also getting rid of these death traps tomorrow (they have no screens or storms, and unlatch in a stiff breeze, and are conveniently located about 3 inches from the floor):
and that will finally put to rest one of my most-often repeated pregnancy nightmares, in which my unborn child crawled out the window to fall to his death. Isn't pregnancy fun?

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