Monday, February 4, 2008

Almost ready

He's almost here, he's almost here! Right now Joe is at the hospital, snuggling like mad to try to make up for the horror that was Graham's eye exam (or so I was prepared for by our wonderful nurses - I chose to skip this particular tragedy in favor of cleaning our room). And things are actually starting to come together for his arrival home tomorrow. We've got a place for him to sleep (two, in fact!), clothes to wear (thanks to all the wonderful people at the shower), blankets for snuggling, diapers for pooping, and hey, I bring the food. So I think we're ready to have a baby now.

The tentative plan is that we will go in for his 8 am feed, and then hang out, sign discharge papers and whatnot, and be able to leave with him around 11 am/noon time. I have to admit that I am shaking a bit right now. I think it's a combination of nervousness, elation, and exhaustion. Bed early tonight.

Until tomorrow, here's a photo of our little man from Friday night - during the two hours he actually slept peacefully.

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