Sunday, February 3, 2008

A little busy

Sorry for not posting for the past couple days - the countdown to springing Graham from the hospital has gotten a little hectic. We actually roomed in with him Friday night, which was incredible but also very very tiring. Graham has gotten quite used to all the boing-ing, beeping, and alarm-ing of the SCN, and the quietness of the room we were staying in was not doing it for him. We tried white noise, and then the radio, but he still was confused and cranky most of the evening. We've been assured that it is the change in environment, not us, and that within a couple days of coming home he'll be back to his very calm normal self. Hope so! (And actually, he still was very calm - he's just not a crier. He makes these little piggy noises when he's uncomfortable.)

So then Saturday I was running around and doing errands, Joe slept some, Joe went to the big Scamper final show and I went to bed as early as possible. Apparently (seriously! this happened!) an SUV crashed into a tree across the street from us at about midnight (said tree was about 30 feet from my head). I did not wake up.

This morning is the baby shower, and I am very excited to see everyone. And Graham is doing really well - he passed his carseat challenge, passed the hearing test, had a totally normal head ultrasound, and is eating like a maniac. He's up past 6 lbs 7 ounces now! So now it's just a race to pull everything together before Tuesday. And Graham just has to get through his eye exam. One more test, little man, and we're getting you out of there!

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