Saturday, February 9, 2008

Grandmas love Graham

Above: Grandma Big K gives Graham his dinner, which he is holding on to for dear life.

Graham has had lots of grandparental contact in the past few days, now that he is getting the hang of this whole "real world that isn't the hospital" stuff. And although I accidentally forgot to take pictures while Joe's parents were here today, I can assure you that the look on both grandmother's faces are the same (I guess you can't see my mom's face in the picture either) - they LOVE him. They canNOT get enough.

We're all doing well here, and thankfully, there's not much new to update. Graham is starting to sleep more regularly and for longer periods, Joe and I are both gradually getting over our colds, and we're all kind of settling into a routine. An incredibly busy and life-changing routine with lots of dishes and laundry, but a routine nonetheless.

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