Friday, February 8, 2008

Like father, like son

And I don't just mean the explosive farting (but yes, there is that too).

If you can't quite see in the picture above, Graham is wearing his Triumph motorcycle onesie, complete with waffle long underwear tee. Joe is wearing, of course, the same thing (except with the ubiquitous fxa tee). This is Joe's favorite thing about being a father so far, I think.

We're all doing relatively well here - making the transition and I think it's getting easier each day. We're not actually sleeping for long stretches at a time yet, but hey, he's still -1 month old and this is only day 4 home from the hospital. Right now I have him all bundled up in my Moby wrap, which I think is pretty much the greatest thing since the vibrating seat. Joe is napping, trying to sleep off the combination of caffeine withdrawal, new onset cold symptoms, sleep deprivation and new fatherhood.

Graham took his first tub this morning, but as it was at about 3 am because he kept pooping and peeing on himself and the tub was a few days overdue as well, I don't have any pictures. I promise we will take lots of embarrassing for the future naked tub pictures at the next go-round. Okay, I am off to put Graham down and see how long I can make that work, so maybe I can take a little nap myself. Or maybe eat! The possibilities are endless.

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