Friday, February 29, 2008

New and novel ways to keep the binky in, by Graham

So Graham has had a tough go of it the past couple days. Lots of spitting up, lots of crying, lots of gas. My working diagnosis is reflux, although I know that everyone is quick to jump to that. However, preemies are especially susceptible to reflux, and the symptoms fit. The triage nurse at his pediatrician's office is also having me do a trial of a lactose-free diet to see if he has an allergy that might be causing it all. Oh, how I suffer! Cathy Lee and all my asian friends, I feel your pain. No cheese, no yogurt, no BREAD for the most part. There's milk in bread! I forgot about that. Sad sad.

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Alena said...

There's an awesome lactose-free yogurt cheese made by The Cultured Way. Our Whole Foods carry it. And I mean it's really awesome, not like the other fake substitutes. If they want you to cut out all milk proteins, it won't work. But if it's just lactose they're after, it's awesome. Good luck!