Thursday, February 7, 2008

We're home!

A very belated post to say that we are all home, and happy, and (with the exception of me) healthy as veritable horses. I unfortunately now have a cold, which terrified me, but the pediatrician today said that normally mom having a cold doesn't have the impact that a stranger's cold might have. Regardless, I am sleeping upstairs, which kills me. And poor Joe is doing all the nightly baby care, which I think is just about to kill him. Oye.

But Graham is incredible and wonderful and to be able to snuggle with him and kiss him (until I started sneezing) whenever I want is so so good. He had the visiting nurse come yesterday and went to the pediatrician's today. He's now 20 inches and (drumroll) - 7 pounds, 4 and a half ounces! Dag, yo!

Anyway, I am off to try to sleep off this cold, because Joe thinks he might be getting it too, which means I need to be healthy ASAP.


Alena said...

The good thing about the boob juice is that you're giving him antibodies for whatever illness you have. Jason didn't have a single sniffle as long as he nursed! :)

Candice said...

OMG! Graham is the size Emma was when she was born! Good job on growing that boy.