Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggety jig

Phew! We did make it home to Rochester just fine on Saturday, regardless of the snow storm that hit the Northeast Friday night. We were considering delaying our departure, but when we got up Saturday morning, the roads were clear and the forecast was good. So we packed up (having to leave mountains of things at my parents' house) and headed out. At one point during the packing, I asked Joe where something could go in the car, and he turned to stare at me and said: "Unless it is a stick of deodorant or smaller, it's not going in the trunk." Got it.

So, the car was ridiculously full. In our infant safety class, they told us about a million times over - "don't have anything loose in the car that you wouldn't be willing to throw at your child." So after the trunk was full, that became our uncomfortable running joke as we stuffed the front seat of the car (and under my feet as well in the back): "Am I willing to throw a laptop computer at my child? Yes, it appears that I am. How about a cool mist humidifier? Why, certainly!" Lo, we are bad parents already.

Since getting home, Graham is doing well overall, but is having a bit of a hard time with the transition. He's not sleeping as well, and definitely spitting up more and being unpredictable in his eating. It's not so beyond his usual that we are concerned, but he's clearly stressed. It's very similar to what we went through the first week he was home from the hospital, so we're hoping we only have a few more days of this. And again, overall he is handling it really well. I, on the other hand, am flipping out every minute or so with the number of things to do and new items to cram into an already tight space (i.e. our house). Poor Joe - there have been multiple occasions already when he has come upstairs to change Graham or something and found me weeping over a pile of bills or baby clothes. The nadir was when I got to the bottom of the bags we brought home and realized that there were still bags of Christmas presents to unpack and find places for. Because I haven't been home since 3 days before Christmas.

Today is my last big push to try to get the house in reasonable order and then it's on to whatever our normal everyday schedule will be, because Joe goes back to work tomorrow and it's just me and the G-man. Whoa.

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