Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big boy!

Graham went to the pediatrician today (for the last time in Massachusetts, hopefully) and got excellent reports across the board. He's 8 pounds, 14 ounces now! Whoa. And has also grown 1/4 inch in the past two weeks. So since birth, Graham has gained 4 pounds, 4 ounces and two and a quarter inches. Hooray for breastmilk!

And of course, as Murphy would have it, as we try to get everything in order to come home to Rochester things have gotten a little snarled. The battery light in our car came on yesterday, which didn't freak me out too much - I figured the battery just needed to be replaced. So today I took the car to a place to get the oil changed (they actually advertised a Ladies' Day for oil changes - how could I pass that up?) and also get the battery replaced. The guy called me into the garage (it was all very hush-hush, like we were at the hospital and couldn't violate the car's HIPAA rights) and told me that they actually thought our alternator needed to be replaced at the low low price of $550. Ahem. Yes.

Luckily, my parents have a mechanic they trust beyond measure, and my mom had an appointment tomorrow to get a headlight replaced. Mike the mechanic was nice enough to let me steal my mom's appointment. So we still may need to have our alternator replaced, and may still be expensive, but at least we'll know that the expense is real and not just a made-up number as I always suspect when it comes to cars.

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Alena said...

Looks like Graham and I have the same taste in clothes. Lucky brand is where it's at! Dude is stylin'.