Wednesday, January 23, 2008

All apologies...

...for the no good, very bad blogger that I was today. It was a bit of a doozy. Graham is fine (better than fine! He took a whole bottle this morning, breastfed this afternoon, and took more than a half a bottle from Joe tonight. He is exhausted.) but my grandma is up and down, to say the least. She is actually in the same hospital as Graham, two floors up from the SCN, and so the end of life and beginning of life are competing for my attention in a very surreal way. To top it off, Joe and I realized that we came home from the hospital tonight with no breastmilk collection bottles, which meant that pumping the four or five times that I will need to before we go back to the hospital tomorrow (which is where said collection bottles are readily available) would be difficult. We had to make a mad dash out to the local supermarket to pick up baby bottles which luckily seem to be universally sized. Thank you, Shaw's of Hanover, for being open until 11 pm when there is absolutely no reason that you should be.

More pictures and so on tomorrow, promise.

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