Monday, January 21, 2008

Our NICU is the best NICU

This picture is Joe's favorite from today because you can almost convince yourself that he is smiling...or that he just pooped. Either way, my boy is goddam cute.

Graham's continuing to just do tre
mendously well. He's up to 5 lbs, 6.4 oz (go breastmilk!) and we think he's really starting to fill out. We've been told that preemies will often fill out their faces and torsos first, and then it spreads to their little arms and legs. So, fat man in a little coat, here we come!

Breastfeeding continues to go well, and I've been told to just go ahead and feed him when I come in without pumping first. If h
e continues to do well, they will start decreasing his tube feeds (as long as he is still gaining weight). And he'll probably try a bottle sometime this week! All very exciting.

And when we opened up our local paper this morning, there was an article all about our favorite NICU:
Granted, the article is more about this particular family than the NICU, but that's us! That's where we are! And Dr. Lloyd, the director of neonatology, did her peds residency at U of R. So you KNOW we're in good hands.

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Alena said...

What a beautiful smiling baby! I'm so happy to hear that the breastfeeding is doing well.