Friday, January 18, 2008

Big boy bed

The reason you can see Graham from above today is that he has been moved into an open crib! No more baby in a plastic box! It's very exciting. I had to try very hard this morning not just to swoop in and pick him up (because I could do that now) - Joe had to keep reminding me that he still needs the same sort of quiet and rest and non-stimulation that he did before. And of course while I definitely needed that reminder, and Joe is a wonderful partner, it is times like this that I feel myself morphing into some sort of giant monster Mama Hulk growling "GIVE ME MY BABY...ROWWWRRRR!"

His foot is still doing well. We're waiting for the culture and sensitivities to come back, which we should find out this afternoon when we head back to the hospital. They changed the dressing this morning when I was there, and it looks great. The peds surg guy did leave a wick in the incision (oh, brings me back to my baby butt abscess I&D days on my peds surg rotation) and the drainage is minimal at the this point. No induration, very little redness. Word. He only gained 4 grams yesterday, but he did have a pretty stressful day with the I&D, so we're not worried.

The only other drama for our little family today is that my grandmother's nursing home is having an apocalyptic run of Norwalk virus which my grandma seems to have come down with. Add that to the respiratory problems she's already having, and my parents have to take her to the hospital. Since they then will have been exposed to the Gastroenteritis of Death, we are taking ourselves over to Joe's parents for at least the weekend. It's amazing how much crap that entails packing up. We don't even have the actual baby yet, and the amount of baby stuff we need to have on hand is ridiculous. In any case, that's where we will be for at least a few days, and it's great to have that option - the last thing we need right now is to be paying for a hotel room someplace.

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