Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm pretty sure we will annoy the heck out of him someday

As I think most couples do, Joe and I have a language all our own inside the confines of our marriage. But I think our conversations are probably more ridiculous than most (right, Maura?). Recently we've started naming all his outfits (see above, called "ducky dots") and the problem is that it starts out being a joke, but then it turns into common parlance and I know I am going to turn to Joe sometime in the near future and say something like "Could you hand me his ducky dots?" or "Is ducky dots in the wash?". And I can only surmise that this pattern will continue, and that someday in the slightly more distant future we will say something to horribly embarrass him in public that really, should have stayed a joke at home. Ah well - parents are always embarrassing at some point, right?

Anyway, Graham is making such great progress on eating and gaining weight. He's up to 5 lbs, 12.3 ounces, and has been taking almost all of his bottles completely. He also breastfed twice today and we brought his tube feeds down to 3/4 and then down to a half of the full feeds given how well he did on the breastfeeding. What a superstar! On the advice of our nurses, we are planning on boarding at the hospital tomorrow night. This entails having an empty hospital room and not much else - we bring our own food and supplies and everything, and get to be there for all his feedings through the night. Hopefully that means a lot more breastfeeding opportunities if he doesn't get too exhausted. Joe says he's going to let me handle the 4 am feeding on my own. Fat chance, my friend, fat chance.


Jay said...

It's midnight Joe, four more hours until you BOTH will be answering the call of duty. Ahh enjoy the moment.

maura said...