Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our little elf

How adorable is that? Right??? Grandma Kathy (Grandma Big K to some) got this little outfit for him, and he looks like he should be snoring away in my Christmas stocking or something. He's doing great - up to 5 lbs, 10 and a half ounces, and taking bottles pretty much at every feed that we're not there for. He's not taking all the bottles fully yet, but he's making tremendous progress. And since he's still gaining weight, that means that he's not too stressed out by this whole "eating" thing. Hooray!

My grandma is actually doing much better today, and (fingers crossed) is currently getting transferred to a nursing home that is very nice and also very close to my parents' house for some short-term rehab. The only downside is that this very nice nursing home is also private, so she probably won't be able to stay there long-term. But for now, this is a pretty ideal situation (again, fingers crossed).

We're headed to the hospital shortly, and this should be an interesting visit, because we've got a lot of questions about what happens in the coming weeks. Should I come in to breastfeed more? How much does he need to be taking by mouth before the feeding tube gets pulled? What happens after that? What else needs to happen before we can take him home? And then, what happens when we FREAK OUT when we actually have him home? Is there a phone number for FREAK OUT?


Alena said...

So cute!

Just think - by the time you bring him home, he'll have this whole living outside the womb thing down. He'll be an eating, pooping, farting, smiling, loving machine.

Anonymous said...


I just found out about this cool... I am 10 weeks away from baby #3 and we never "blogged" about it. Wait a minute I have never blogged before about anything. Dude, I'm seriously OLD! Anyway, I feel like I can hear your voice saying the words and that makes me feel like you are right next door. I miss seeing you on a regular basis like when we were kids. Sounds like you are having a blast. You will love having the baby at home, but it is a big change from the hospital (lots of help at the ol" H). You'll do great. Miss you. Jay

Jay said...

BTW this is your cousin Jason if you didn't pick up on that...