Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update from our family meeting

Our family meeting was not that informative, actually. We know that the steps to him coming home are maintaining his temperature in an open crib, not having serious apnea spells, and gaining weight on just bottle/breast feeds. But we still need to grill the nurses to find out how they make the decisions to move him step-wise towards those goals, because if the family meeting reinforced anything, it's that the nurses are the ones who know and do EVERYTHING. I am on a career path to obscurity and non-necessity.

However, if anyone has any good leads on any of the following, we'd be very happy:
-who runs early intervention services in Rochester (I plan on calling my OB, since she's a family doc, but if any of you have experience with a particular provider, that would be great to know)
-recommendations for pediatricians in the Rochester area, particularly those that specialize in dealing with preemies
-recommendations for pediatricians on the South Shore in MA, again specializing in preemies (we'll probably stay for a few weeks after discharge and will need to do his eye exam (for retinopathy of prematurity), hearing test, and post-discharge check-up here)

We thank you.


Christine & Keith said...
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Christine & Keith said...


I'm friendly with a Y mom whose daughter was born about 10 weeks early. When I see Isabel again I will ask her about providers and early intervention. I know she will be a wealth of information.

Graham looks really cute in his outfit. I'm so pleased to hear about all the fantastic progress he is making.