Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Loud people should be banned

Today we got new neighbors in the SCN. And they are loud, loud, loud. This morning the new mom and dad got in a fight (during which the dad stormed out. Stormed out of a SPECIAL CARE NURSERY.) about the fact that the dad was calling the baby "bilirubin" as a new nickname. This was because the nurse had explained that their baby was going to get a bilirubin level drawn tomorrow morning to check to see if he was jaundiced, and dad thought it sounded funny. New mom got pissed that new dad kept calling the baby "bilirubin", dad eventually got pissed that mom was pissed, and then he stormed out. Fun! I don't think I can write the word "bilirubin" anymore. For at least a year. Good thing I'm on leave from medical school.

On to more important things: Graham is doing amazingly well. He's up to 4 lbs 13.2 oz. Wahoo! The phototherapy lights remain off, his foot keeps getting better and better (his little IV site infection), and he's becoming a genius at breastfeeding. Well, maybe not quite a genius yet, but he tried two times today, and spent about 15 minutes being interested e
ach time. Apparently that is quite an achievement for a now 33 week 2 day-er. He also is getting really alert and aware, especially before feedings. He actually gave us a couple good cries today! And he was a little on the warm side when we got him out this afternoon, so they have brought his warmer down to 27 degrees C. If he keeps his temp stable there, they will turn off the warmer and just let him be in the closed isolette for a few days. Another big step, so we're over the moon.

I'm going to try on future days to post a picture of Graham a day, but when I tried to take one this afternoon it was too dark, and I wasn't about to turn the flash on.
So for today, please partake of this very attractive picture of me crying and laughing and being exhausted, drugged and bloated after delivery:

But of course, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

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