Monday, January 28, 2008

Hold yer horses

And by that I mean hold my horses. The feeding tube did not come out over the weekend, even though he did a great job eating. He still gets a little pooped from all his hard work from time to time, and we have no interest in pushing him. And honestly, we're okay with him having a few more days in the SCN - the idea of him being home by like, Wednesday, was really freaking us out. But it will be sooner than later. Joe and I both agree that he feels like he's really starting to figure things out: Joe gave him a bottle today that he practically chugged (we often pretend to upend the bottle on the table or throw it down on the floor when it is empty -- teaching the boy important drinking behavior for college) and he just looks older and more mature. He's 35 weeks today, and a little over 6 lbs. His O2 saturation is consistently 98-100%, whereas even a few days ago he would drift around down near 90%. The nurses have suggested that we attend the discharge class this week, because they don't think we'll be here next week. It's all pretty exciting, but we're at the point where it is great if he comes this week, but it would also be fine if it wasn't for two weeks. Whatever our little guy needs.

The other big news is that he got his circumcision done yesterday and it went really well. He's a little swollen today, but we've been assured that will go down rapidly. Now, since I was just warned about blogging about parenting decisions yesterday, I will note that this was an incredibly hard decision for Joe and I to make. I had been 100% against circumcision (unnecessary, stressful surgery that fundamentally changes his body) until the research came out about the decrease in the likelihood of HIV transmission with circs. Regardless of my feelings, HIV is not something I am interested in for my son. So, there it is.

Anyway, we are here at the hospital for the day today - I think we'll probably try to be here 8-5 every day this week so we can do as many of his feedings as possible. And we'll see how it goes!

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